In this comic the earth is under attack by Galactus and several villains, but the Marvel heroes are up to rescue. The villains confront the Goodman family and suddenly Toby’s dad Jerry knows what to do, he wants to “end” it.

It is solved that Clyde was the first mutant of the real world, so powerful he could control humans and even bring dead people back to life. His mom was so scared by her dead husband knocking on the door, that she took a candle holder and struck him dead. But Clyde didn’t die, he was mentally damaged and lived in an asylum from that time on. He was the one who summoned the Marvel characters. Jerry Goodman steals a comic collection because that was it what the nurses stole from Clyde and which made him want to teach the people a lesson, but Clyde doesn’t react fast enough - the Red Skull kills Toby’s father with a machine gun. Clyde is shocked and sends them back at the moment. Jerry’s wife shouts at him to get him back alive, but he had promised his mom to never do that anymore.

Because the asylum was shut down and everything covered by the government, but nobody knew what to do with Clyde, Captain America offered to take him with him into the Marvel Universe. Toby then pleaded him to take his Dad, too, because that was his real home.

Toby is shown 20 years later to be an author, then his Dad is shown in a hospital in the Marvel Universe. There, he didn’t die but fell into coma from a gun shot until “Dr. Blake” fixed him and nurse Jane Foster (whom he said was his first crush as a child) is highly hearted to drink a coffee with him.

He goes to the window, because he remembers everything and thinks about how his son made everything perfect for him, so he has nothing else left to say than: “Excelsior”.