Why I didn't buy “In Rainbows” even for free.

A while ago, without their music becoming any less good, per se, I stopped liking Radiohead.

I stopped liking them because they are the Seriousest Band.

They are seriouser than U2 (they would never score a musical about Spider-Man).

They are seriouser than Arcade Fire (they would never actually show up at the Grammies).

I have literally never had any emotion that was serious enough that I could relate to any Radiohead song, I think.

I don’t think I would want to, seems like it would be terrible.

But does the fact that their new video consists entirely of Thom Yorke doing silly dances while wearing a Joshua Treeera Edge costume make them more or less serious?

I think it actually makes them more serious. I think they’ve reached the transcendent level of seriousness where no matter what happens, they can only continue to become more serious.

Wait, no, I take it back: this makes them seem way less serious.