5 Totally Ridiculous Blondie Songs (That Are Also Awesome)

5. “Attack of the Giant Ants”

     Everybody drowns
     The moon falls on the ground
     La la la la la la la la la la

4. “Contact in Red Square”

     Gotta hide inside my trench coat and be clev-ah


3. “Love at the Pier”

     No more love splinters in my rear end

2. “The Hardest Part”

      In a wire mesh cage
     With a twelve-gauge

1. “X Offender” 

     I think all the time, how I'm gon to
     Perpetrate love with you
     And when I get out, theres no doubt
     I'll be sex-offensive to you

Also, this site scored a sweet cameo midway through this clip celebrating the, uh, three month anniversary of Steve Roggenbuck’s i am like october when i am dead.