Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” (in Helvetica)

if you call me, i wont answer
i am sitting under the moon inside of a wheelbarrow

Actually, no, that’s a poem from Steve Roggenbuck’s new chapbook i am like october when i am dead. But “‘In a Station of the Metro’ in Helvetica” seems like a good enough description of Roggenbuck’s poems—which are quick and lyrical, like that one, or else weird and funny (“i dont care about reading a poem / who do you think i am, robert frost?”), or occasionally weird and creepy (“i am like the killers of people”). Or else they’re pop-conceptualist appreciations of found language that less sensitive souls might mistake for unpoetic (“oh, you have a smock on”—that’s an entire poem), which is something that Roggenbuck is also doing a nice job of through his series of visual poems based on chat logs.

I’d quote more examples, but since the whole book is only about 300 words I think I should leave some. It’s free, it’s good, it’s short—there’s basically zero investment on your part, you could just go and read it.