Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” (in Helvetica)

A note in case anyone ever actually comes across this post again: In 2018 Steve Roggenbuck was outed as having groomed multiple younger, often underage girls and trans people for sexual relationships over the course of his public career, as well as having treated his partners in manipulative and coercive ways. I've left up posts about him on this blog because I don't want to erase my support of him in the past, but I've removed links to his work so as not to provide continued support now.

if you call me, i wont answer
i am sitting under the moon inside of a wheelbarrow

Actually, no, that’s a poem from Steve Roggenbuck’s new chapbook i am like october when i am dead. But “‘In a Station of the Metro’ in Helvetica” seems like a good enough description of Roggenbuck’s poems—which are quick and lyrical, like that one, or else weird and funny (“i dont care about reading a poem / who do you think i am, robert frost?”), or occasionally weird and creepy (“i am like the killers of people”). Or else they’re pop-conceptualist appreciations of found language that less sensitive souls might mistake for unpoetic (“oh, you have a smock on”—that’s an entire poem), which is something that Roggenbuck is also doing a nice job of through his series of visual poems based on chat logs.

I’d quote more examples, but since the whole book is only about 300 words I think I should leave some. It’s free, it’s good, it’s short—there’s basically zero investment on your part, you could just go and read it.