True or False

Todays Reading: Hannah Weiner, We Speak Silent

Even though the book came out in 1996, I insist that Hannah Weiner actually intended the Bob Dylan voice in We Speak Silent to sound like George W. Bush. Listen to this: “heh heh heh I sneaked in another two pages // heh heh heh im just fooling i love ya     smush.” Or how about: “heh heh heh you put that book away or else.”

The book’s all about some kind of telepathic communication anyway, so who’s to say she wasn’t inadvertently channeling the governor of Texas? And he gets such good lines!

    sweetheart please the torture of meeting someone new is
    impossible     they ask you how old you are and what
    you do for a living

    sweetheart what are you gonna do when you meet me
    have fisticuffs or somethin

    sweetheart next time call when youre supposed to and
    never mind your mysteries or i'll punch ya

I mean, c’mon! It’s too good not to pretend it’s true.