Why Friends Are Better than Conceptualism

I guess I’m not really sure where Vanessa Place is coming from with this. Is she serious? If so, it seems a little hostile and even kind of domineering. I mean, did anyone actually ask why Conceptualism was better than Flarf? And if they did, would “Conceptualism is cool kids in suits, Flarf is dweebs in spaceman costumes” be the most enlightened/enlightening answer?

And if she’s not serious, then didn't the whole pretend Flarf-Conceptual War end after the Whitney reading? In that case, ironically, she’d be the dweeb, showing up late to a meme that everyone else is already done with.

Either way, Drew Gardner kind of pwns her with his response. I mean, the whole bit about Conceptualism recycling forty year old moves from the visual arts is a bit of a cheap shot, but “Conceptualism wants you to know it has read Lacan”? Oh, snap.

I guess what I’m saying is, if I have to pick a side, I’ll go with the funny ones. But seriously, why do we always have to fight? Or even pretend to fight? There are way more fun things to do, and I hope some day Flarfies and Conceptualists will all get to sit around in heaven and do them to one another. Until then, reluctantly: