Imaginary Fan Letter in Response to Fantastic Four #29, April 1964

Today's Reading: The Fantastic Four Omnibus, vol. 1, pp. 776-800

Dear Stan and Jack:
FANTATIC FOUR #29 was a great, action-packed story! The Red Ghost and his super apes are some of your nuttiest super villains ever, and I was happy to see them make a comeback. It would be great to see a story about what the super apes will do now that the Red Ghost isn’t around controlling them anymore. Even better than the issue’s villain, you finally had the Invisible Girl use her new powers like a full-fledged member of the team.

I do have one big gripe, though. It seems like the greater Sue’s powers get, the wimpier you make her personality. Back in #17, when all she could do was turn herself invisible, she had the guts to take on Doctor Doom himself single-handed! In #29, now that she’s strong enough to save the whole team from suffocating on the moon, she spends the whole ish whimpering and whining! And why did you have Reed Richards announce that the Red Ghost’s gun was empty at the end of the story? It turns Sue’s otherwise heroic act into a great big goof up! Reed’s saved her enough times, hasn’t he? Why not let her rescue him for once!

I’m telling you, Stan, in forty years time all this “Reed I’m frightened” nonsense is going to make your marvelous mags look more dated than a communist super villain out to win the space race!
                                                                                            Morgan Myers
                                                                                            The Internet
                                                                                            The Future 
What can we tell you, Morgan? If you think Stan and Jack are weird about women, wait till they invent Chris Claremont!