God Save John Campbell

Elegant, simple, agonizingly funny and hilariously painful, deadpan surrealist, achieving complex effects with an absolute minimum of means, this might be the platonic ideal of a John Campbell comic. Except that all John Campbell comics are already the platonic ideal of something or other. Maybe Achewood, or New Yorker cartoons. I don’t know.

Go read his regular strip Pictures for Sad Children.

Then go read miscellaneous other strips posted on his journal.

At some point soon, when the second printing comes in, you can buy his book, too. In the meantime, I guess you can help support him by buying some totes depressing merch.

God save John Campbell.

“God Save…” is a feature highlighting things that are just too good for this shitty world, in the hopes that maybe if I ask nicely God will keep letting that slide.