"I am in overpower."

Let's kicks things off the right way: with a loosely thematic link post. 

A decent overview of Flarf in the Buffalo News. The article warns that Flarf's increasing mainstream acceptance may signal the movement's end, but then a UB professor turns up in the comments warning them to "please be careful" because "achievement in the art of language cannot be mentioned with Flarf." So at least somebody's still not happy about it. 

Slow poetry gets a turn too. For anyone who wonders, this is one big reason why I really liked living in Buffalo: it may be the last town in America that seriously cares about poetry. 

Meanwhile, the incipient Flarf/Conceptual Writing vs. Slow Poetry war takes a turn for the civil as Kenneth Goldsmith and Dale Smith agree to disagree in Jacket. Slow Poetry is a movement that began as a blog post, had a name before it had any poems, and is proudly without any preset aesthetic principles—so we may well ask if it doesn't out conceptualize conceptualism.

In another place, Nada Gordon does something amazing, but no one was looking so does it count? 

Next: a YouTube video?